Personalized Training


You are the focus.

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More than just a semantic difference, personal training can mean the same program for any individual; personalized training means custom-tailored programming specific to your goals, current abilities, and physical presentation.

AGD provides 1-on-1 training for those interested in maximizing their development, learning, or consistency as they pursue their goals. All personal training clients undergo a thorough evaluation, receive fully-individualized programming, and train under the keen eye of AGD instructors.

Semi-Private Training

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Atmosphere is everything.

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Train with your friends and family! In semi-private training, clients are thoroughly evaluated during their first session and training phases are designed based on the goals and needs of the group. New clients can expect the first couple weeks to be highly coaching-intensive to ensure that proper technique and safety are established and maintained.

Limited space; please contact for availability.

Functional Range Assessment (FRA)

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Can your joints do what you ask them to?

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Using the principles of specificity and objectivity from Functional Range Conditioning, an FRA involves a systematic joint-by-joint evaluation to answer one simple question: can your joints do what you’re asking them to? The insights are incredibly illuminating.

FRA-certified instructors are trained to accurately gauge the physical capacity of any joint and understand what implications those results have on physical activity, performance, and pain. With this data, you will have an easy time deciding how best to pursue your goals.

Physical Therapy


Training = rehab.

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AGD is proud to work alongside Longevity Physical Therapy to offer rehabilitation, training enhancement, and physical assessment services. There is significant overlap between quality physical therapy and strength and conditioning, which makes for a seamless transition between rehabilitation and training.

Program Design


Failing to plan is planning to fail.

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As the saying goes: “failing to plan is planning to fail”. Whether you have specific athletic goals, body composition aspirations, or just want to feel and move better, AGD can help you draw the roadmap to reach your destination. Programs can be designed for individuals or small groups with similar goals and are fully tailored to each client's needs.

Programs are designed and delivered over two 45-minute training sessions; the first consists of a thorough review of client goals and current movement abilities, and the second is to teach clients the exercises in their new program.